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Tempo Vivo is a company with headquarters in Tokyo dedicated to all type of musical and gastronomic events.

It arose in the year 2001 to cover an artistic promotional hole between the countries of Spain and Japan.

Little by little it was consolidating in the Japanese difficult market thanks to the professional effort of the extraordinary work team being based very well on some labor principles defined: perseverance, effort and dedication.

Those three qualities next to the specific knowledge on events, they have gotten that Tempo Vivo is only a reference not promoting Spain but also singing, dancing and foods of all the Latin American countries, as well as also the traditional song of Mediterranean Europe.

Obviously the variety of artists is so wide that you will only find the most representative groups in this web page, of more success than we’ve had until the moment.

The types of shows in those that we have participated are as diverse as extraordinary in some cases, happening from:

  • Important channels of Japanese television
    (NHK, Nippon Television, Asahi Television, Tokyo Television)
  • Festivals of food and of music
    (World Festa of Yokohama, Fuji Rock Festival, Foodex…)
  • Anniversaries
    (400 years of relationship Onyuku, Spain and Mexico,
    25 years of Hankyu in Yurakucho, etc…)
  • Hotels
    (Pan Pacific Yokohama, Hilton, Grand Hyatt, etc…)
  • Salon Banquets
    (Meiji Kinnenkan, Hanesawa Garden, etc…)
  • Department Stores
    (Turning round Spanish national promotion in Takashimaya, Italian Fair in Mitsukoshi, etc…)
  • Restaurants (El Castellano, La Tapería, Angolo, etc…)
  • Ships (Vint et a cruisse, Simphony, etc…)
  • Discos (Velfarre, OR East, Dr. Jekkins, etc…)
  • Embassies (Spain, Belgium, USA, etc…)
  • Charity (UNICEF, UN, etc…)
  • Commercial of Television
    (Play Station III, Kabejin, Kanebo, Shiseido, etc…)
  • Narrations for Companies
    (Sumitomo, Komatsu, etc…)
  • Theaters
    (Suntory Hall, Mel Park Hall, etc…)

We would like you to keep in mind that those works that we have carried out next to other so many that we don’t mention for not abusing more than your time in this presentation, serve like initial reference so that you take conscience that we enjoy working in that the maxim will always be to win us your trust, demonstrating that we can adapt to your necessities.

Don’t doubt to ask us what you want to know, expose us your project and trust our professionals and us.

We will assure a good work to your measure.

Greetings and have a nice day.

Jorge Díaz (director)

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